Chat Dropbox

Chat with users who have a shared folder on Dropbox.


  • It is one of the few programs dedicated to chat on shared folders.
  • It can chat in real time or send delayed messages.
  • It can be minimized to notification area and notifies if a user join or send a message.


  • Instantaneity depends on the sync service.
  • It can produces data crosses.

Chat with users who have a shared folder on Dropbox.

With Chat Dropbox you can chat with others users from a shared folder on Dropbox or other shared folder service. The chat can be instantaneous or the messages still to be read later. If there is not Internet connection, the messages would be sent when connection is available.

It can save a conversation on a text file. It's possible to have differents conversations on differents shared folders.

Nowadays do not exists any specific software to chat on shared folders. Chat Dropbox is a good GUI wich simplifies and automates the message exchange between users on shared folders. Also it can be minimized to the notification area and notifies when an user join the conversation or send a message.

This program is aimed at all users of Dropbox or users of other shared folders services who need comunication between them.

Chat Dropbox


Chat Dropbox 1.2

User reviews about Chat Dropbox

  • Yewsuck

    by Yewsuck


    Crappy. This down load is in Mexican and makes it even crappier. More.

    reviewed on June 18, 2015